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Teaching home economics includes teaching new technologies. There are so many new inventions and advances in nutrition diet and disease food technology and the food industry such as food preservation and new processes to improve food packaging and safe food additives. As a home economist is it possible to be employed in clothing and fashion establishments Yes. In this role I have had experience in quality control of jeans shorts and t-shirts in a factory in South Africa supplying super stores like The Gap Old Navy and Woolworth to local and regional markets.

What differences do you teach when comparing today s agriculture with techniques used many years ago As a home economist what business ventures are possible in the open market There are many You could work with restaurants or fast food chains food handlers waiters cleaners table appointments and receptionists. You could also work with craft stores or hobby shops employing people to do handicrafts curtains costumes costume jewelry printed t-shirts and more using local materials. Others include supplying home cooked food orders to stores coffee shops offices and convenient stores as well as manufacturing scrubs for doctors and nurses for hospital staff and workers manufacturing safe children s clothing linen costumes and accessories or working with factories to manufacture school uniforms athlete uniforms caps and other accessories.

The knowledge of basic agriculture dates back to ancient times. Many centuries later you can still find a small percentage of farmers practicing antiquated ways but modern machinery and the scientific methods of using chemicals have taken over in the industry today. And more schools have opened to help farmers improve their farming methods to increase produce which increases income. How did you impart your knowledge and information to the community as a whole To share my knowledge I lectured at agricultural schools taught courses and did demonstrations on home improvements childcare and family relationships.

With your knowledge in agriculture what is one type of business possibility available in the market today You taught home economics and agriculture. How did you break through to other professions I got involved with anything that would help educate or assist others. For example I offered assistance with home improvement home furnishings home industries and interior decorations which related to home economics.

I also managed school lunches the cafeteria and nutrition for sports programs and HIV nutrition for adults and infected children which pertains to my knowledge in agriculture. A plant nursery with a greenhouse is a great opportunity because every homemaker wants a house plant to add to the interior decorations garden and surroundings. It is a healthy venture. Nutrition is a basic industry in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

What can a home economist do to improve their meals We are seeing a larger population of elderly as the population grows and medical care is allowing people to live longer. A variety in their diet according to their conditions of health must be monitored but individuals must also enjoy what they are eating. Is the agriculture industry relevant in today s society I believe present day farming is an important industry because fresh fruits and vegetables need to be on the shelves of food markets on a large scale.

I also believe that the dairy and meat industry is very important because children need protein to help them grow and develop brain power. What do you attribute you success to in your life s career in the field of agriculture and home economics I always worked hard tried to have a positive attitude and believed in myself and in that nothing is impossible in this life when you put your mind to. At the age of 16 Rori was in a severe car accident that put an end to her dream of someday working in theater arts and dance. Becoming depressed by those events Rori turned to music to process her very strong emotions.

And it was music that helped her begin to heal. Several years later Rori became pregnant only to discover that her unborn child had been developing without a brain. Losing the baby was another life altering experience that threatened to swallow her whole. Again though she turned to music to help her heal.

As I began to feel better after the car accident and then losing my baby I realized that this was due in large part to my music and the freedom of expression it gave me. The music reached me on a deeper level Rori explained. I didn t know it at the time but music would be a big part of my future in working with disabled children.

She was selected to work with a large group of girls ages 5 through 12 who had been abandoned by their parents and left in the care of the state. It didn t take long for Rori to fall in love with those girls. Rori saw strength in them that she had not seen before. During her time at Willowbrook Rori was well aware that the Federal Bureau of Investigations FBI was investigating the center trying to expose horrible abuses that people were suffering at the hand of the state.

She began assisting the FBI by supplying them with information which turned into a dangerous proposition. Fearing for her safety Rori left New York for California only to have New York State contact her several months later to ask if she was interested in working at an institution in Rockland County. Rori accepted. New York s intention was to close the Rockland facility and place its residents back into the community.

It was Rori s responsibility to work in the unit that designed programs and services to prepare these people for eventual entry back into society. She enjoyed this position and felt fortunate to work with a team of young staff that were all selected for the purpose of designing services and delivering programs that would brighten the lives of the clients and give them a purpose. This period in Rori s life felt exciting and fulfilling realizing just how fortunate she was. Lucky to have a career she enjoyed she was also a mom to three beautiful girls with one on the way.

But her youngest daughter ended up being born premature. Doctors had told Rori that she d probably have cerebral palsy and severe brain damage and was advised to put the baby in a center and go about her own life. Both programs explore what it means to be a man or woman and methods for living and socializing in today s world. Along with ClubRec these programs have been awarded with many grants over the past 25 years.

The people that Rori has worked with throughout her career have no doubt come into this world with many challenges through no fault of their own but have also served as a great inspiration for her adding They are not looking for pity nor want our patronization but simply seek to be accepted and valued in society for who they really are. Rori retired from her life s work at Footings in May after working over 35 years in the industry. She and her husband have provided developmental knowledge and services throughout the lower Hudson Valley Region of New York.

Retirement offers the opportunity to consider new and exciting opportunities so at the moment they are considering turning the page and starting a whole new chapter in their lives. Together Rori and her husband have four daughters and eight grandchildren. Daughter Hope holds a PhD is a professor in Washington and serves as the US Representative on an international body that looks at health promotions and policies. Daughter Drew their third daughter owns a business with her husband that specializes in high-end foreign auto repairs where Drew was named Young Business Woman of the Year receiving her award in Washington DC in Laurel their youngest daughter who doctors thought would have no quality of life is a physician s assistant practicing interventional pain medicine and is a previous scholar athlete where she earned a varsity letter in three sports.

Knowing what I knew I could not send my baby to any of these centers Rori explained. Remembering what music had done for me all those years ago I used my talents and energy to design a series of funny little songs and games that would teach my daughter and help get her limbs moving. When other families saw what Rori was doing and the progress her daughter was making they began to call and ask for help with their children.

Not being able to turn them away Rori co-founded Footings Inc. Rori served as President and Chairperson of the board of directors for Footings and oversaw the day-to-day operations of the agency. Their ClubRec Afterschool Program was widely considered one of the best programs for children in the greater Hudson Valley area featured on the Animal Planet Pets in the News and The Discovery Channel for their innovative use of animals that taught character education and worked with children in developing and understanding social relationships.

The program utilized the creative and 25 Do you have a phrase or saying that has influenced you professionally Yes Give a man a fish feed him for a day Education creates opportunity freedom and a successful life. We have strived to help develop responsible fully contributing citizens in our home and through our work. Is there a decision that perhaps you regret now or wish you had acted differently Other than your work at Footings what gave you the most enjoyment professionally I owned a healthcare consulting company working with hospitals and insurance companies as well as medical schools and universities in clinical trials and behavioral health hosted a weekly call-in radio show for three years in New York dealing with general health and wrote a weekly column that gave me another chance to educate and influence behavior around health.

In the late 90 s I had the opportunity to go to Washington and work as a member of a high level government advisory group on developmental disabilities. My family did not want to leave their home so we stayed. I wish now that I had explored more options that would have allowed me to develop Footings and also influence national policy.

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What are you most proud of professionally When you are pregnant you dream about your child and their life. When those dreams die the grief can swallow you. Footings gave me a way to keep that dream alive by knowing that in some small way the lives we have touched and influenced for the better will serve as a legacy to my son. I worked so that others could have the life I would have wanted for my son. What trends are you seeing in your industry now We are seeing the very strong push to managed care forcing the smaller agencies to merge or go out of business.

The state only wants to deal with large mega agencies which is unfortunately a trend around the country and mirrors healthcare in general. What hard lessons have you learned throughout your career I am a glass half-full person and trust people to be honest and responsible. Some people are not worthy of that trust. What does the future hold for you professionally What are the problems you foresee with this approach That page hasn t been written yet but the world is full of possibilities some of them mine. We are already seeing small agencies consumed by large agencies due to capitated rates thinning of service options and necessary staffing reductions.

The long-term effect is I fear large community institutions where cost containment is primary and client care is secondary. It is only a matter of time before the politics overwhelms the system and the people in it.

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What advice would you give those just entering this field There is a shared humanity that transcends disability illness etc. We all want pretty much the same things from our lives. Who do you credit with your success My parents were very driven and worked hard. I also credit my husband whose love and quiet strength has seen us through some rough times and made sure I smelled the roses. Seeing a real need for corporate women to find a way that they could be home with their love ones versus spending more time with their children s portfolio of pictures in their office and be able to make a good or even better living was very inspiring for Tina.

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Today women are challenged with balancing home and work it s not easy for them to find the time for family let alone themselves. Tina says that this is becoming more and more the norm for women.