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Is the fruit now in season? Can someone post me a reply on talmaeena gmail. Thanks and regards, Tariq. Visit us at IMCurtain. Great article bout re-potting plants, but theres a harm on doing this thing, you must be very careful not to harm the roots of every plant. Madam, I happen to see ur karnataka cusine in ur website. Very glad u r sharing ur expertise in the cooking art with others. I am reminded of the proverb : yella maaduvadu hotegaagi genu battegaagi.

Nice Keep going well wisher Uncle subbrayan. Namasakara Subbrayan Uncle, Thank you so much for your comments.

Please keep visiting and give your valuable feedback. Yes, I agree ultimately everyone has to satisfy the taste buds and the never ending growling of the tummy! With Regards, Shantha. Dear Shantha, Your information is of much help to me as I came to Mysore specially for this yearly event. Such pictures would give me perhaps also a good insight of possible changes of the Dessara in the past decades.

Thank you for visiting the website. Also please visit Mysore Palace, the paintings there brings alive the pageantry of the procession during the reign of the kings. Wish you a pleasant stay at Mysore, Regards, Shantha. Hi Shantha, I have been very glad to have come across your website.

It is so nostalgic being home by itself. Its so self indulgin and so ture to have seen you recipes. Though I am not a big fan of celebrating festivals or observing and preserving the traditions, you have atlest made me celebrate life and I thank you for keeping it all alive for ever. I really dont know what i am writing but just know this that i am a big fan of yours. Kavitha — Bangalore. Thanks Sriram…Wish you a very Happy Dasara! I just came back from Mysore and all the heritage buildings are looking their best with a fresh coat of paint and illuminated with the right shade of lights in the night.

Hi Kavitha, I am touched by your words and thank you for your interest in my website. Please keep reading because there is lots more to come.

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Just like everybody else, stumbled to be here…. When I looked around the website, I tried to lift it away with both hands, but could not…. As a Mysorean a rare breed these days, eh? I thought this is a place to feel like a Mysorean! I have not looked deeper into the website, but Southekai gojju, Herlekai gojju, Haagalkai gojju, kumbalakai huLi, etc… may also be there?

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Delicious recipes! I wish you could post many vintage pictures of that era hope they are preserved like the one of your grandparents. But not without effort.

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Frames were then given away and some suitable glasses were replaced to broken window or almirah panes in our old house! She always won a prize in the Dasara cooking contests from s onwards! An old colleague of mine used to ask the expansion of WIFE. Worries Invited For Ever, he would say. Your web title reminded me of that. Nice web title and explanation to go with it. Namaskara Dinakar avarige, Wow! Thank you so much. Yes, most of the Mysore recipes can be found in the website along with authentic North Karnataka recipes as my mother is from Hubli and Udupi recipes as my husband is from Udupi and many many others, which I keep experimenting in my kitchen lab.

Every single photograph of yesteryear is preserved at home and I have made an album starting from my great grandparents to the current generation by scanning the old photographs. Your blog is extremely interesting and I will be visiting often for a dose of Mysore tales and woes. The first half of the above set is a repetition to this which I uploaded just now on Picasa, here:.

Thanks for the prompt response.

She left us in Perhaps you or your parents may be knowing my grandparents. The album links could provide some clues!! I was in Mysore too during the first 3 days of Dasara and was shocked to see tourists clambering on to the pedestal of Chamaraja Circle and taking pictures. The rains also played a spoil sport like every year. Nonetheless I am always carried away by the enthusiasm of the people and feel proud to be part of the celebrations.

Halkova obbattu, never heard or tasted it….. I can imagine how rich and tasty it must have been. And yes, after a one month past the petition requesting for erulli alugadde huli from me would be granted along with sandige happala and on that day separate saaru would be prepared for my grandparents. Having seen the Dasara and people of yore, I have become a critic of present day Dasara I simply cannot accept certain things though I try to be a bit flexible.

People have no respect or value for public and heritage objects. How can we expect them who came in recent years to this city to love the city? Yuva Dasara!

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Kai tuttu, was a pleasure, sitting in circle, palms stretched for a morsel! For Ayudya Pooja, these KSRTC buses get decorated with hoovina haara and BaLe Kandus… in recent years, another gaudy thing — they play cheap film music with blaring loud speakers tied to them while roaming on its route! I cannot imagine such horrific things in Mysore! I wonder who allows them to these extents? People today feel strange hearing the name of this tree, so i think this information is more than enough for them to atleast understand a bit.

Dinakar, I live in Bangalore, so I find Mysore always a peaceful place to unwind albeit many aspects of the city changing for the worse. Instead of spending time in Mysore city itself, during our visits we explore places of interest within a radius of kms, which includes historical sites, wildlife sanctuaries, bird sanctuaries, rivers and waterfalls. Not many Mysoreans are even aware that they are living in a place surrounded by unsurpassed natural beauty and there is a need to know, conserve and preserve such treasures. Hi Namita, Aarathi plates can be decorated in various ways using flowers, lentils or Turmeric and Kumkum.

The aarathi plate that you see in this post is a crawling Krishna molded out of butter and kept in fridge for some time. For the leaf — wet the plate in the pattern of a leaf and sprinkle Turmeric powder over it and using a tooth pick draw the veins. Happy Diwali. The site is done with excellent taste and I enjoyed the pictures in the site…. Hi Nishchith, I am extremely happy that you liked the content and pictures on my website. Thank you for your comments.

Please keep visiting and leave your feedback With best wishes, Shantha. Awesome site. I am also into orchids newbie and would like to learn more about them. I was on a trip to Shimoga and picked up some wild orchids from the trees. Would like your help in identifying them and growing them too. Can you share ur contacts? Please mail me at my email. Hi Shantha — Awesome site and nice contents! I am also into orchids in Bangalore and would like to take some tips from you on growing.

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Can you contact me muralidhar. Hi Murali, It is good to meet someone enthusiastic about growing orchids. You must have picked orchids from the Sagar-Theerthahalli belt. The wild orchids here are varieties belonging to Acampe, Dendrobium, Cymbidium, Bulbophylum etc. You will have to wait till July — Sept for them to bloom. I will keep posting more about orchids for your reference.

Sir, Urgently I want to contact you for the permission of copying photographs for my publication in my research oriented reference book.

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Hi Niran, Please let me know the photographs needed and details about your reference book. The photos uploaded in the website are not high resolution photographs. I can send you high resolution pictures once I analyze your request. The number of gejje is not as important as the number of lines. For Ganapathi it is 21 yele, Gowri it is 16 yele, Ananthapadmanabha it is 14 yele etc.