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Again, any complaints are likely to fall on deaf ears.

As for your privacy, or any guarantees of keeping no logs? Who knows — you may not be any better off than if you had used a free VPN, and paid nothing at all. In conclusion, the offer of a lifetime of VPN is certainly a prospect you should exercise caution around, and the smart buyer may well be tempted to look elsewhere. In fact, when you take into account the many possible downsides of a lifetime VPN subscription, you may well feel that simply shopping around for a good VPN with a cheap two- or three-year deal may be the way to go.

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And as ever, to stay safest, always buy directly from a reputable VPN. Although they were examples of VPNs that sold lifetime subscriptions, and then closed shop and ran with the money, suggesting that the same applies to all VPNS that offer lifetime subscriptions is ludicrous.

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That's like saying "Since some investment funds turned out to be ponzi schemes, then all investment funds are ponzi schemes". If most of your revenue comes from regular accounts, then the benefits, from a business perspective, are as follows:.

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This exposes the brand to millions of people and tech writers at those publications that we wouldn't be able to reach otherwise. It's great for building up credibility, and awesome for SEO. However you will also find deals from other platforms like PitchGround, DealMirror and others all with our exclusive bonus of a free WordPress plugin. Make sure to watch the bonus claims video to qualify. Now that may be true but with a little persuasion and the power of the crowd, the app you most want could be offered for a lifetime deal.

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This is where the Bootstrapps Wait-List comes into play where you privately and confidentially add your name to a wait-list of your favorite apps. The more people who join, the more likely the app maker will take notice and offer an exclusive deal.

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I'm assuming this is a good deal and I should jump on it right? Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Continue this thread.

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Lifetime pass was great 5 years ago. I'm not enthusiastic about the next 5 years. Don't disagree, but this is still a good deal. Respectfully disagree.

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Would do it again in a heartbeat for this price. I'm confused. Any way to access it as a paid member? Despite the issues with Plex, I think this is a smoking deal.

Could you expand on the issues please? Just be prepared for sync to not work as advertised. Jump on it.