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MAY JUNE JULY Let's fly! Airlines will always try to sit children with their parents subject to check-in Some airlines will allow travel for unaccompanied minors. Please email us to check. The fare is based on the child's age on the date of travel. More detailed information can be found here Traveling with children. Most airlines will let infants travel with their parent s for free. Click on 'Price Breakdown' to find out more.

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If you are pregnant, but due before the flight departure date, please contact us once your baby is born and has a name. Infants will not be given a seat. The airlines expect parents to travel with them on their lap. Airlines regard infants as being under 24 months old.

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Wizz Air took delivery of its first Aceo aircraft in November and will take more than 20 more through Of course. Air travel in Europe is regulated by many laws, but one in particular EC grants flight compensation to anyone that had their planes delayed or canceled. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of what compensation they are entitled to.

Companies like Airclaim took it upon themselves to make things right. All you need to do is to provide us with your flight details and a signature; we can take care of the rest for you. The flight number and booking number are by far the most important pieces of information that you can offer. Therefore, you have to bear in mind that not every disrupted Wizz Air flight is eligible.

However, you must also consider that not every refusal from Wizz Air is accurate as well. Our team of experts will make the right analysis and determine the true nature of a delayed flight. We can then see to what degree you can cash in on your compensation.

If you feel confident enough, you can take matters into your own hands and file for flight compensation yourself. Many will be presented to you in this article.

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From various reasons, airlines like Wizz Air find themselves in situations where they have no choice but to cancel the flight of their passengers. When this happens, they know that they have to offer you an alternative and, most likely, someone will contact you with a re-routing proposition.

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However, what you have to reconsider is that it is in your rights to get your money back or ask for another flight. Just like in the case of a delay, a canceled Wizz Air flight raises the same principles and financial benefits. Among them, the most important ones are the flight number, the booking number, and the date, all of which you can find on your ticket or on your boarding pass.

You must also consider that flight cancellation compensation can only be claimed if the cause of the disruption is not represented by extraordinary circumstances. Every time that Wizz Air cancels a flight for reasons that are not under their control, they will have to provide a different route without you having any extra financial obligation.

This covers cases like strikes, flight delay or cancellation, air traffic control problems, or any other type of normal or extraordinary circumstances. However, the Wizz Air operator in charge of your case can sometimes interpret your situation erroneously.

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In this situation, the only solution you have is to enlist a company that offers Justice as a Service, like AirClaim. Also, when it comes to canceled flights, you should bear in mind that the same flight rights apply for both minors and adults. Thanks to the EC regulation, passengers now enjoy better services and more reliable flights.

This is mostly because the EU laws compel the airline to offer compensation for every disrupted flight. The amount of money received ranges between and EUR. It depends largely on the flight distance and the time of the delay. To better understand it, here are the main guidelines:. The only exception from this compensation is for a flight that departs from an airport outside Europe with a non-European airline. If the airport of departure is in the EU, then all companies, regardless in which country they are registered, must abide by the EC regulation and apply its air passenger rights.

Almost 10 million passengers are entitled to compensation, every year. From these passengers, only a small number know about their rights.

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There are hundreds of procedures and strategies that airlines developed over time to make sure they prevent travelers from demanding their compensation. Some companies respect EC by the letter, while other implement tedious bureaucratic steps and some even refuse to make contact with claimants all together. At Airclaim, we are accustomed with all of them.